Payday loan offer for Bad Credit
Payday loan offer for Bad Credit

Guaranteed Payday Loans for Bad Credit

If you are in a dire financial jam and have a job, then a payday loan might be what you need to make it through a temporary valley in your financial road.

There are many bad credit payday loans on the market that are guaranteed, but before we recommend you some decent payday lenders to sign up for, you should be aware of the typical pros and cons of payday loans.

The Good and Bad of Payday Loans

Here is some help on the matter; you can make the decision for yourself after reading these pluses and minuses of guaranteed payday loans, bad credit or not.


Here’s what’s good about such loans:

  • You can get your money on the very same day that you apply for many of these loans, no days or weeks of waiting. You sometimes might have a 24-hour wait while the lender processes your information.
  • You can walk into establishments that offer these loans without an appointment, then walk out with your money. No need to call ahead and find an open spot on the lending officer’s schedule.
  • You can avoid the embarrassment of applying for a payday loan in your neighborhood by doing it all online if you’d like. Many people do not want to be seen walking into a loan shop.
  • A pay stub will probably be all that you need to qualify for a payday loan. Even people with horrible credit can get payday loans.


Here’s what’s not so good about these payday loans:

  • Interest rates on guaranteed bad credit payday loans are sky-high. If you are not accustomed to paying well over 20% on a loan, be prepared to do so with a payday loan.
  • Fees on payday loans also add up quickly. Many charge a set amount for each $100 that you borrow. A typical fee is $17.50 for every $100 borrowed; add that to your interest rate and you have quite a hefty charge.
  • Late fees can also be astronomical, so don’t borrow more than you can pay back in a reasonable amount of time. Your interest rate will also increase in many cases if you are late on payment.
  • If you are unable to pay your loan back on time, you could easily end up paying back three times its value as late fees and higher interest rates kick in. So, your mistakes get enormously bigger the higher you go on the loan amount sought. A $1000 payday loan could cost you $2000 in fees and interest — Ouch!

Our Guaranteed Payday Loan Recommendations for People with Bad Credit

Sometimes you just need to get your hands on some money NOW, and a payday loan is simply the easiest way to go for people with poor credit.
Expect to pay high fees and interest rates, but make very sure to check and compare before you apply for a loan.

We’ve selected some honest, well known payday lenders for you to check out here, here, or here.
They all guarantee to approve payday loans for people with bad credit, just check to see which one matches your personal expectations and requirements whilst also comparing fees and rates.